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Pee Cloth for Women Hiking, Washable Reusable Camping Toilet Paper, Pee Rag After Using Outdoor Female Urination Device, Hygienic Female Urinal Solution for Women Travel (3 Pack)

Pee Cloth for Women Hiking, Washable Reusable Camping Toilet Paper, Pee Rag After Using Outdoor Female Urination Device, Hygienic Female Urinal Solution for Women Travel (3 Pack)

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  • Why do we need pee cloth for women hiking? - Pee cloth is suitable for travel, hiking, backpacking, outdoor camping, kayaking, running, cycling and other outdoor activities. At the same time, it can also be used instead of toilet paper at home, saving toilet paper and protecting the environment. We also upgraded a suit with three pieces of pee clothes, so you can use them without worrying no replacement.
  • 3 Layers of Protection - The inner layer of pee cloth is made of bamboo carbon fiber, the fine and tight molecules are skin-friendly and quickly absorb water, which can eliminate odor and keep it dry. The absorption performance will not be weaken due to washing. The middle layer is made of water-absorbing superfine fibers, and the outer layer is made of waterproof TPU material.
  • How to use the pee cloth for women hiking - You only need to wipe it with the absorbent surface (the side with no pattern) during use, and the back can be grasped by the strap to make the process more reliable, without worrying about the pee cloth falling off. The colorful pattern on the back adds a touch of color to your journey. After use, you can choose to close the side with a button or wash it with water and hang it on the backpack to dry.
  • Save more spaces - Every time go backpacking, I always worry about the storage space allocation of the backpack. This pee cloth can be hung outside the backpack, reducing the space occupied by original camping toilet paper and leaving more space for other necessities. It is also suitable for use with female urinals/ urinal funnels, disposable urine bags/ urinal bags, portable urinals, urinal bottles, bedpans and toilets.
  • Do something for the environment - Avoid using toilet paper or wet wipes to influence nature during outdoor sports or backpacking. It takes a long time for nature to digest these products. Let's do something for nature together and use the reusable pee cloth for women hiking now. In addition to your own use, pee cloth can also be given to relatives or friends around you.

Why we need this pee cloth? --For more and better natural scenery.

When I go hiking, I am always amazed at the beauty scene that nature has given us, and at the same time I am thinking about how to repay the generosity of nature.

When I saw this pee cloth, I knew it was time to introduce it to all the people.

Let's do something for nature together when we have a more convenient life way.

The ULLIKI pee cloth is for female to use during travel, hiking, backpacking, outdoor camping, kayaking, running, cycling.

It can be rinsed and reused.


Material: Charcoal Bamboo Fiber

Material Thickness: 1.66mm

Product Size: 10.94 x 6 inches/ 27.8 x 15.3 cm

Weight: 63.2 g/ 0.14 lbs

Package Contents:

3 x Pee Cloth

1 x Zip Lock Bag

Delivery is expected within 7-25 days for most countries, depending on the shipping instructions at the time of order submission

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The Origin of ULLIKI

ULLIKI was founded by Ivy Lu in 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, Ivy worked from home and had a great time with her six-year-old child Lenny. To enrich Lenny's childhood, Ivy specially designed inflatable boxing bags that are close to the feel of real sandbags.She hopes Lenny will get a stronger body while "Playing the Punching Bag".

Ivy also loves the outdoors, and after seeing nature polluted by paper towels while hiking, Ivy improved the reusable pee clothes for herself and female friends.

Ivy is just a mother who loves sports, wants her children to grow up happily, and cares about the nature.

In order to protect the customer's feeling, each product has been improved by her and her team several times before it is sold and mass produced

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