ulliki ball

The ULLIKI ornament ball is made of special material, that make it looks like shiny and bright under the light.

But it is different from traditional decorations, the "glitter" on it will not fall off, the "glitter" is contained in the material.

It is oversized and ornate, and perfectly resemblant of the ornaments from your Christmas tree, they are lightweight but durable, and can be anchored to the lawn, or hanged up for effect.

It is simple to set up, only need to be blown up. And some accessories included in the package depends on your specific needs to use.

And for environment, it can be wiped and reused.

Let's get a colorful world.


Material: Thicken Environmentally PVC

Product Size: 24 x 30.7 Inch (Diameter x Height )

Weight: 0.75lb


1. Due to the different colors and angles of light, the product surface reflects different luster, resulting in the actual product and the picture looks like a color difference. We can't avoid this situation, and it's actually a feature of this product material.

2. Because the volume of the inflatable product changes after inflation, the size may be different from the stated size, there may be a difference of ± 2 cm.

3. The inflatable product will increase in volume after it is inflated, so there may be a little inside space added on the second day after the ULLIKI Christmas ball is fully inflated, which may make it look like the ball is leaking air.

At this time, you can try to fill the ball with air again, and there will be no more false air leakage.

Thank you for understanding

Christmas decorations indoor: After inflating, place it directly on the indoor floor

Use it in the yard, accessories included to help the ball not be moved
For hanging use, rope included
Oversized, grab people's attention easily

Package Contents:

1x Inflatable Ornament Ball

1x Ground Stake

1x Suction Cup

1x Double Sided Tape

1x Rope

High quality PVC material, rain and snow protection, durable yard decoration