cat punching bag for kids

Tuseemple toy inflatable bag is great for children over 3 years old. This bag is easy to inflate and has a small hollow at the bottom where water or sand can be inserted to make it heavy at the bottom. Punching and kicking is a great way for children to get out their energy - and they can have a lot of it. It's a sturdy product that's fun to play with while teaching them hand-eye coordination.

Buy this, if…

Your child has a lot of energy.

You need a break from parenting.

You like to buy good quality stuff.

You are known as the "best gift giver ever".


Material: High Elastic PVC

Material Thickness: 0.32mm

Product Size: 47x 17.49x 25 inches (Length x Base Diameter x Top Diameter)

Weight: 1.12lb

Package Content:

1 x Packing Box

1 x Punching bag

1 x Self-adhesive Repair Patch

1 x User Guide


1. The inflatable product will increase in volume after it is inflated, so there may be a little inside space added on the second day after the punching bag for kids is fully inflated, which may make it look like the punching bag for kids is leaking air.

At this time, you can try to fill the boxing bag with air again, and there will be no false air leakage.

2.Because the volume of the inflatable product changes after inflation, the size may be different from the stated size, there may be a difference of ± 3 cm.

3. The bag's base needs to be added 3 gallons (11.5 liters) of water/ fine sand. You can increase or decrease it according to the actual situation.

4.Due to different measuring instruments, the thickness may vary by ±0.03mm

Thank you for understanding