pee cloth for women hiking

Why we need this pee cloth? --For more and better natural scenery.

When I go hiking, I am always amazed at the beauty scene that nature has given us, and at the same time I am thinking about how to repay the generosity of nature.

When I saw this pee cloth, I knew it was time to introduce it to all the people.

Let's do something for nature together when we have a more convenient life way.

The ULLIKI pee cloth is for female to use during travel, hiking, backpacking, outdoor camping, kayaking, running, cycling.

It can be rinsed and reused.


Material: Charcoal Bamboo Fiber

Material Thickness: 1.66mm

Product Size: 10.94 x 6 inches/ 27.8 x 15.3 cm

Weight: 63.2 g/ 0.14 lbs

Package Contents:

3 x Pee Cloth

1 x Zip Lock Bag

Specifically designed for women after urinating

If you don't need to use all three pieces, it can also be used as a handkerchief, sweat towel, bug swatter, etc. before we use it as a pee cloth.

Not only suitable for outdoor use, but also at home.

Environmental protection is always not limited to location.

How to use pee cloth?

After urinating, wipe the surface of the skin with the non-patterned side,

then fold it in half and hang it in the backpack.

We can wash it off with soapy water or detergent when conditions permit.

We can also use the washing machine to wash it.

Made of bamboo carbon fiber to quickly eliminate odors and keep dry.