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Portable Shower Water Bag for Hair Basin do Hair Washing in Bed, Use with Inflatable Shampoo Bowl/Hair Washing Tray/Bathtub, Provides Warm Water to Wash Hair/Body Easier for Bedridden People

Portable Shower Water Bag for Hair Basin do Hair Washing in Bed, Use with Inflatable Shampoo Bowl/Hair Washing Tray/Bathtub, Provides Warm Water to Wash Hair/Body Easier for Bedridden People

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  • Portable Shower Water Bag Makes Hair Washing In Bed Easier - After the simple setup, it can be hung on a higher place where a water source is unavailable to provide about 2.5 gallons of water—enough for a complete shampoo and rinse
  • Upgraded Details To Make Shower Bag Using Process More Convenient - The shower head has a press button which can be used by one hand to adjust the water flow easily. The thickened hose material is not easy to leak water and damage. Our Water Bag is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Strong Water Pressure - Upgraded shower head and hose make the water flow more smoothly and strongly, just keep the shower head below the bottom of the bag during use to keep the water flowing
  • Thickened Bag Material & Upgraded Handle- Considering the durability of the shower bag, we have upgraded the original shower bag thickness. Now It is enough to support more weight of water inside, making using process with portable shampoo bowl safer. And the upgraded handle makes the using process simpler and quicker
  • To You And The One You Loved A Simpler Life - Tuseemple through simple but unusual design, specializes in making healthy care products, and the bedside shower bag makes hair washing in bed simpler and neater
  • The Tuseemple shower water bag is made of raw materials with a thickness of 0.32mm, which has a strong load-bearing capacity.

    The upgraded water hose is not afraid of being squeezed. It can be placed or use with hot water to restore the original appearance slowly without affecting the water flow.

    We have also changed the hanging force point of the traditional water bag, which not only saves operation steps, but also gathers the power of the bag together, so that the bag can bear more weight.

    Note: Before use, please test whether the hanging rack can support the weight of the water bag to avoid hurting people.

  • Delivery is expected within 7-25 days for most countries, depending on the shipping instructions at the time of order submission
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ULLIKI was founded by Ivy Lu in 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, Ivy worked from home and had a great time with her six-year-old child Lenny. To enrich Lenny's childhood, Ivy specially designed inflatable boxing bags that are close to the feel of real sandbags.She hopes Lenny will get a stronger body while "Playing the Punching Bag".

Ivy also loves the outdoors, and after seeing nature polluted by paper towels while hiking, Ivy improved the reusable pee clothes for herself and female friends.

Ivy is just a mother who loves sports, wants her children to grow up happily, and cares about the nature.

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